Welcome to my site!

On this website I have sought to outline my position as a pro gun leftist, and list my arguments as to why we, as minority communities,
must arm ourselves in the face of state oppression, and the rise of nationalism and the far right in American society.

The main pushback against guns in left leaning spaces is usually related to mass shootings. It seems we cannot go more than a couple weeks here in America without a new far right lone wolf terrorist picking up a gun and killing people, usually schoolchildren. The democratic politicians solution to these mass tragedies is to propose that we impose tighter and tighter restrictions on who can and cant get guns (usually with a heaping pile of ableist fear mongering about the mentally ill), or even a ban on any so called "assault weapons". And while, I must concede this probably would work, the evidence does suggests that, without guns, you can't shoot people, I believe that there are considerable problems with this solution

Below I have outlined, first my major arguments against gun control, and secondly, my arguments for gun ownership

  1. Removing Firearms does nothing to solve the root issue, the actual young radicals themselves. Whether or not they have guns, the far right’s radicalization machine will continue. and young men experiencing agrieved entitlement (important term to look up later, for those interested), suffering under late stage capitalism, filled up with nazi propaganda and then "blackpilled" will still seek to commit acts of suicidal terrorism, and while currently guns are the most effective means for them to do that, taking them away will only drive them to find new and "creative" ways for them to cause harm.

  2. Gun laws will hurt minority communities. Adding more legislation to our current, corrupt and racist system will only harm those at the bottom, it will offer police more opportunities to inspect people's cars, more little bureaucratic oversights they can use to detain people unlawfully, and will undoubtedly create an even larger force gap between the police and the citizens. even if you completely trust the state or your legislators, the actual boots on the ground enforcement of even the most watertight, so called "common sense gun reform" will only ever serve to exacerbate existing racial and class divides, and feeding even more people, innocent people, into the private prison industry

  3. Gun laws will allow the state to consolidate even more power. Violence is the oldest kind of power known to mankind, its use, or the threat of its use, is used for nearly everything that requires power. The authority of the police at its core comes from the fact that they are allowed to use violence, and we are not, the threat inherent in every interaction with the police is that, if you do not comply, you will have violence visited upon you. The power of a boss over an employee under capitalism too, although distant, rests upon the power of violence, if you fail to comply with your bosses orders, then they will fire you, and without a job most will likely not have the resources required to maintain their access to their base human needs, to cut you off from food and shelter in a way any less indirect or normalized under capitalism would surely be called a form of violence. this is true also of the tactics used by the people, since its inception even the peaceful protest has been a threat, a message to those with political power that, "we are many, you are few, and while this time we have left our arms at home, we may not next time", and so, fundamentally, the question of who has access to the tools of violence is the question of who has access to power.
  4. the next items on my list will focus on my arguments for gun ownership

  5. Firearms are powerful tools of self defense, and as a minority there are many people who we might need to defend ourselves against. The state and the right both seek our destruction, and make use of firearms, without firearms of our own as a force equalizer, our enemies can (and do) kill us in the street with impunity.

  6. Firearms are also powerful tools of community defense. The black panthers, famously, used california open carry laws to great effect to dissuade officers from committing acts of police violence while in areas of the black community under the protection of the panthers. Their bravery to defend their communities from the police also helped along the project of leftism, radicalizing many members of their communities, and drew the eye of the state, who used gun control laws to prevent the black panthers from continuing to defend their communities this way from the police.

In a world where every day the rights of minorities become ever more precarious, while under threat from the rising tide of facism, and the proliferation of militant white supremicist groups hell bent on the eradication of BIPOC, Queers, Jews, and leftists, under a state who gives its agents the impunity to kill without consequence, we cannot allow the American state any more power to decide who gets access to the tools of violence

Above that, we must get over our fear of guns. The cops have guns, the nazis have guns, and even still the democrats insist that it is our moral imperative to not arm ourselves, to simply let ourselves be killed by those who would try to kill us. We must be more radical than that, we must take our safety, our communities safety, into our own hands, we must...